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Zone01 is the largest national organization for robotics competition and education.



1. Competitions

We work with local schools board for Competitions:

Level 1: Local Events

Local competitions in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Illinois(U.S), Calgary*, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Kitimat, Windsor*, Cambridge* and New Brunswick*

Level 2: National Event

Teams qualified from each local event will be compete during national final every May and select the best teams for Canadian National Team

Level 3: International Events


We represent WRO (World Robot Olympiad) in Canada. We are also the host for WRO 2020 in Canada to welcome 74 countries to compete in Montreal.

Zone01 Open Robotics Challenge:

An open platform international competition started by Zone01 and ORC. Competition concentrates on Challenge topics and creativities.


2. STEM Curriculum


We create curriculums for Canadian STEM education

Zone01 Robotics create curriculums for local schools to ensure educators follow the latest trend.

The curriculum is a part of our Canadian education system and is an enhancement for our STEM education.

We help public and private schools to start their own robotics clubs and provide trainings for robotic instructors, teachers and coaches.

Since 2018, we opened our training to the public to support the local communities.

3. Training Club


Want to find out our training classes or you want to make an appointment for a trial class?

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